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BlueSummith Healthcare is a Pan African healthcare company and a key player in distribution, wholesale, retail of drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, related products and support services Bsmith is a twenty first century healthcare and related services company with an unwavering commitment to provide our customers with healthcare products and services of consistently high quality, made readily available at prices which create value for all stakeholders. Blue Summith HealthCare Values We recognize that health is wealth and so we have a strong commitment and mental resolve to the cause of improved well being for all. As a result, we do not spare any efforts in providing products and services that have direct impact on the wellbeing of our community. We are a people with our passion rooted in the deep personal engagement of all staff who go the extra mile to deliver time valued quality products and services to the delight of our customers.

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Our Mission

We seek to provide superior quality and affordable healthcare products and services that PATIENTS recommend to family and friends, PHYSICIANS prefer for their patients, SUPPLIERS select for their clients and meeting expectations of our stakeholders.

Our Vision & Promise

Bringing innovations for better health and well-being for all Africans, now and for future generations. We Promise to always put human lives 1st into consideration,by providing quality healthcare products and service that will be for the betterment of humanity at large.